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Summer Touring Gets Hot!

Be sure to check the TOUR PAGE for all the dates and more info!
Trailer created by Alexandre Barcelos!

TSB Returns to Mt Baker!!

Diamond Days: Best of TSB Vinyl & CDs Available Now in the Webstore !


The ten-song retrospective of The Steepwater Band's Diamond Days label releases spanning 2006-2014, including two brand new tracks, Silver Lining & Hard As Stone (2015), is now available direct from the band on Vinyl and Compact Disc.

Visit TSB WEBSTORE and grab a copy today!!

(Released March 2015)

Silver Lining
Dance Me A Number
Come On Down
Revelation Sunday
The Stars look Good Tonight (Radio edit)
Hard As Stone
Lord Knows
High And Humble
Remember the Taker



Dig the video for the only new song included on Diamond Days: The Best of The Steepwater Band 2006-14. The TSB retrospective is availble now on CD and via iTunes.
Get your copy today!



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